About Us

‘HygineNyou’, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of state of art 'napkin vending machines',  ‘napkin incinerators’ and the best condom disposal machines in India.  We are a quality-driven corporate firm and well known for our copper-bottomed products and services. Here at our manufacturing unit, we are actively engaged in developing a wide range of cutting-edge products, that are built with premium quality raw materials and capable of providing immediate services within a blink of an eye.

Why do you need to choose Us?

  • ‘HygineNyou is culturally innovative and traditionally productive’. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are always commited to listen your needs and demands with ardent curiosity and offer products which can help them to meet their objectives efficiently and economically.
  • Here, we always believe in catering market-related quality products and timely services for our client’s.
  • Our well-organized production team can easily handle bulk orders from all across the nation.
  • We are backed by a well-maintained storage space which is perfectly connected with the shipping unit.
  • Our unique automatic sanitary pad vending machines and condom dispatching machines are designed according to the established trends and norms of the industry. Apart from that, we are also providing high-quality sanitary napkin incinerators to our clients.
  • Our products are cost-effective, lightweight, and made up of supreme-grade raw material.

Our Products

  • Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines,
  • Manual Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines,
  • Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Vending Machines
  • Condom Vending Machines.

(A)Product specifications:

  1. Indigenously developed and have extensive storage capacity.
  2. The best solution for avoiding your menstrual emergencies.
  3. Fully automated and an electronically operated.
  4. embedded with newfangled technical editions.
  5. Instantly supply of high-quality napkin pads.
  6. Our products fast, efficient, and durable.

Our aim and objective:

  1. It is our aim to become the largest supplier of sanitary vending machines and Sanitary pad incinerators, and condom vending machines in India.

  2. As a most reputed corporate firm in this section, we firmly believe in reckoning business relationship of the highest order.

  3. To introduce newfangled technical updates in our products and staying ahead of in the corporate race.

  4. To provide timely services and also establish a satisfactory of customer care network in all across the country.

  5. Spreading awareness about the importance of sanitary napkins or pad. Our products like napkin disposal machine and napkin incinerators are indeed a pivotal step in this direction.

Why to choose us

Quality is King

“Try to be a yardstick of quality...It is more important than quantity.”-Steve Jobs. ‘Quality’, is a ubiquitous corporate necessity. It is the best asset for any manufacturer. Be it a popular household product or a service, it is the quality that really attracts your customer. In fact, it is the mandatory aspect without of which no business or a product can sustain for a long span of time. However, at ‘HygieneNyou’, it is our principal aim to provide our clients...

Best customer care services

“Customer is not god, but like a king. God forgives but king doesn’t!!! A strong customer relationship is the foundation of any successful business.  In fact, it is the single most important factor that plays a pivotal role in uplifting your brand value. Whether you are a big fish or a tiny start-up, you can never reach the pinnacle of success without providing enough satisfaction to your customers.     However, in HygieneNyou, we give too much emphasis on delivering...

How our products are helpful for you?

Our own personal health depends upon a level of cleanliness to keep us free from disease, such as skin diseases, respiratory diseases or gastro intestinal diseases. By the virtue of the products we offer you, we assure to move you ahead with more hygiene and comfort.