Condom Vending machine:

We are offering an wide range of condom vending machines which can be placed in different public spaces such as bus stations, subway station, public toilets, airports and railway stations. It is an electronically operated vending machine that is used to for to supply condoms in bulk amount.
Condom vending Machine: Noteworthy features & qualities

  • Our automatic condom disposal machine can be loaded with numerous standards of condoms.
  • Can be easily fitted or placed in public spaces including public toilets, subway stations, bus stations, railway stations, and airports.
  • We are the producing the best condom vending machine in India. They are built with approved raw materials.
  • Our products go through a strict quality control check.
  • We use highest quality packaging materials to protect the products from moisture, dirt, dust, and mechanical damages.
  • We follow rigid quality control guidelines to ensure zero discrepancies within the products.
    Provides a fast and immediate supply of contraceptives. Just put a coin and get best and most elastic condoms immediately.
  • A chain of world-class warehouses provides extensive storage capacity.
  • It is a sensor-based multipurpose machine.
  • It is installed with electronic coin acceptor which accept any types of Indian coin.
  • With live product display you can see the latest availability of condoms within the machine.