“Try to be a yardstick of quality…It is more important than quantity.”-Steve Jobs.

‘Quality’, is a ubiquitous corporate necessity. It is the best asset for any manufacturer. Be it a popular household product or a service, it is the quality that really attracts your customer. In fact, it is the mandatory aspect without of which no business or a product can sustain for a long span of time.

However, at ‘HygieneNyou’, it is our principal aim to provide our clients with products of exemplary quality. With years of rigorous experiments, research and development, we have come up with a unique set of smart products which are not only distinctive in their design but extremely efficient too.

Our high-quality products :

Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine.
Manual sanitary napkin vending machine
Sanitary napkin incinerator vending machine
Condom vending machine.

Sanitary napkin vending machine(Manual & automatic): Exemplary features:

We provide the best ‘sanitary vending machines in India’ which are capable of dispatching a fast and consecutive supply of sanitary napkins.
We provide two types of sanitary napkin vending machine. One can be operated by manually and another one is fully automatic.
Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine.
Manual sanitary napkin vending machine.
They provide an instant and immediate supply of sanitary pads. Thus it also helps females to avoid their menstrual emergencies and post-birth bleeding.
They are also capable of storing a huge number of napkins.
Lightweight and do not cover large space.
Durable because they are built with the high-quality raw material.
Just put a coin or a small fortune to get your sanitary pads.
Cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly.

Sanitary pad incinerator machine: Ideal qualities

1. We are, manufacturing the best sanitary pad incinerator machines in India which allows you to dispose used sanitary napkins.
2. Once you dispose your used napkin pad into a sanitary napkin incinerator machine, it destroys the used sanitary napkins without harming the environment.
3 Completely burn the napkins and in turn, only generates a very ignorable amount of eco-friendly ashes.
4.The entire burning process takes place automatically. As a result, users do not need to participate physically in that process.
5.Helps you to keep your environment clean and hygienic.
6.Easy to install inside a toilet or against a wall.
7.Small and portable and user -friendly, specially designed for girls.
8. Ashes are stored in a small box installed within the incinerator.
9. Automatic and fully electronically operated.
10. Cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly.

Condom vending Machine: Noteworthy features & qualities

An automatic condom disposal machine and can be loaded with numerous standards of condoms.
Can be easily fitted or placed in public spaces including public toilets, subway stations, bus stations, railway stations, and airports.
We are the producing the best condom vending machine in India. They are built with approved raw materials.
Before packaging, all of our products go through a strict quality control check.
We use highest quality packaging materials to protect the products from moisture, dirt, dust, and mechanical damages. Here we follow rigid quality control guidelines to ensure zero discrepancies within the products.
Provides a fast and immediate supply of contraceptives. Just put a coin and get best and most elastic condoms immediately.
We have a chain of world-class warehouses which provides extensive storage capacity.