Sanitary napkin incinerators, often found in ladies toilets, is nothing but an electronically operated napkin burning machine which is is extensively used for the hygienic disposal of wasted sanitary pads. They are indeed an ultimate solution for disposing used sanitary napkins and thus help you to keep the environment clean.


Why to use Sanitary napkin incinerators?

In a country like India, disposal of used sanitary napkins is a very common problem. Throwing them into the dustbin, bathrooms and in drains often creates multiple problems which are listed as follows:

  1. Because a used sanitary napkin contains human wastes and thus can become a most suitable home for harmful bacterias and deadly viruses.
  2. Throwing them in dustbin or in an open places often leads to disgusting smell and an embarrassing view.
  3. Flushing them into drain can wellcome potential clogging problems, including the choking of pipes and stopping the flow of entire drainage system.  
  4. Disposing used sanitary napkins in an open environment is nothing but an act of polluting your surrounding environment.


Keeping this in mind we have come up with India’s best sanitary napkin incinerator which would allow you to destroy your used sanitary pads in a eco-friendly way. So install  this unique machine in your toilets and make your surroundings clean and hygienic.


Elegant features:

HygieneNyou is one of the most renowned manufacturer of the best sanitary napkin incinerator machine in India. Unique features of our sanitary napkin incinerators are given below:

  1. Allows the users to dispose their used sanitary napkin in an eco friendly way.
  2. Burns the entire lot of disposed pads and turn tem into complete ash.
  3. Complete burning of pads only generates very ignorable amount of ash.
  4. A scientific and hygienic way of disposing used and hazardous napkins.
  5. Cost-effective, user-friendly and specially designed for girls.
  6. Keeps your home and environment clean and hygienic.
  7. Ashes are collected in a tray, known as ash collector.
  8. Portable and built with lightweight steel
  9. Easy to operate and easy to install.  
  10. Automatic and electronically operated.