Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine is a self-servicing vending machine with various automatic and inbuilt features. It is designed to consume less power and yet delivers high-quality hygiene disposable bags within a blink of an eye. The properties of our state of art Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine are listed as follows:

Beneficial features: Features of our automatic sanitary disposal machine are listed as follows:

  • An ultimate panacea for Menstrual emergencies and post-birth bleeding.
  • These are fully automated and an electronically operated.
  • Provides an instant access to napkins at your immediate demand.
  • It can dispatch napkins or menstrual pads at the drop of a coin.
  • It can be loaded with all kind of branded napkins.
  • An inspection window to see the availability of napkins.
  • Fast, efficient and instant supply.
  • Lightweight and made up of premium quality material.
  • Can be purchased at an individual level.

Importance of Napkin vending machine in medical emergencies:

A sanitary pad or what often popular as a menstrual pad is nothing but an absorbent item used by women to avoid menstrual emergencies, post-birth bleeding.

But going to a medical store for your sanitary napkins is not possible all the time. This itself is a very irritating problem. To mitigate such a drawback, we have come up with highly automated sanitary napkin disposal machines in India. They can efficiently dispatch hundreds of sanitary napkins at your immediate demand.

A true mode of feminist revolution:

In the wake of heyday feminism of 21st century, modern human societies must formulate a separate health policy for women. Menstrual hygiene is among those basic necessities.
Inspired by this progressive social thinking and considering the complex nature of a female biomechanics and its structural differences with a men’s body we have developed the best automatic sanitary pad vending machine for our customers.